Taylor Swift Poses for Playboy

Taylor Swift on Playboy Magazine

Would Taylor ever pose for Playboy? I would highly doubt it! She has too much class to ever do such a thing! I just made up this fake magazine cover as a joke because it seemed so ridiculous! You can make tons of fake magazine covers with any picture you want at oncoverpage.com. You can also customize the headline to say whatever you want! I hope Taylor doesn’t mind I did this as a joke! LOL.

4 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Poses for Playboy”

  1. mmm
    taylor swift…you are the best singer ever
    all you’re songs are great but the greatiast is you should’ve said no…you’re amazing
    ang i dont know…but sorry caus taylor luther brake up with you…you were a great cuble and i loooove u so much
    and play boy???i dont think that’s taylor’s stayl
    any ways she rocks

  2. taylor swift i love your hair. your the prettiest singer in the world.you sing awsome.my favorite song out of your album is forever&always.i’m sorry that joe jonas broke up with you i hope you guys get back together again

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