Taylor Swift Won’t Talk About Sex!

Taylor Swift

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Taylor revealed that she doesn’t drink or smoke and that she still sleeps in her childhood bedroom. But she didn’t let on anything when it came to her sex life. Said Swift, “I feel like whatever you say about whether you do or don’t, it makes people picture you naked. And as much as possible, I’m going to avoid that. It’s self-preservation, really.”

She did admit to the magazine that she wrote a song about Joe Jonas breaking her heart, but she still holds out for true love. Said Swift, “I love love. I love studying it and watching it. I love thinking about how we treat each other, and the crazy way that one person can feel one thing and another can feel totally different.”

She loves the idea that everyone has a perfect partner somewhere in the world, but can’t shake the idea that emotional turmoil is more exciting than happiness. She explained to Allure magazine, “I have always been fascinated with fairy tales, and the idea that Prince Charming is just one castle away and it’s going to be happily ever after. But for some reason, I could never, ever stop writing songs about heartbreak. Just because as human beings, what we can’t have is what we replay in our head over and over again before we go to sleep.”

Taylor also draws inspiration from her relationships with men, adding even romances which go wrong are useful. The “Love Song” singer said, “Let’s say I date a guy who really does nothing but damage me, and you’ve spent time, you’ve spent effort, and you’ve put everything into trying to make that work. And it didn’t. So you write a song about it. It was worth everything if you write a song about it.”

10 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Won’t Talk About Sex!”

  1. She aint like Miley not a the being or now plzz!!keep it that way!!!
    Love you so much!!!Keep shining the way u do!!!
    Love Kayla!!!

  2. We jst had the school talent show at school and I sang stay beautiful. I luv all of ur songs cuz u r the bestartist EVA!!! Plz if u EVA EVA want some1 2 sing 4 u or u know some1 that needs a singer 4 a wedding or funeral, I will make arrangements ASAP!!!
    Plz contact me 4 more info,

  3. hi taylor i love your music i think you are the greatest and you inspire mee to go after my dream like you did yours i hope i becomme as famouse as you one day i would really like to meet you some day and i wish you the best of luck


    michayla H.

  4. Taylor I am your #1 fan! You inspire me to do what I like and not what my friends want to do. I love your music I’m even making a Taylor Collage! I would love to meet you. If you think I am a fan that is like a freak for you I’m not. I’m just a really big fan. Good luck!

  5. taylor swift i can’t stop it i should tell u that i love to sing teardops of my guitar i have a guitar at home and i sing always i luv u taylor swift i have a beautiful question can u add me at the facebook pls i will not tell anyone i have a chat star promise add me at ameerauddinb@yahoo.com im not lieng add me luvvvv u 🙂 i want to have a best friend like you ur so smple love u

  6. Good job for Taylor! I love that she’s a good role model. I don’t want to be a fan of someone who isn’t a good example. Luckily with Taylor, I don’t have that problem.

  7. your verry right taylor. no beer, no drugs no s**. thats a good leson for kids every wear. go taylor!!!!! #1 fan christina miller.

  8. Taylor, i only have the utmost in respect on this subject, i am pretty much the same; no drugs, no alchohol, no sex. Keep doing what you always do!!


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